SuperMassive Blaze’s Izzy wins 1-vs-3 clutch with almost no time left on the clock

This is probably the best VALORANT play you'll see today.

Image via Riot Games

Baran “Izzy” Yılmaz, a former Turkish CS:GO pro who now plays VALORANT for SuperMassive Blaze, displayed some incredible clutching skills during a VCT Turkey Stage Three Challengers One match.

SuperMassive Blaze were cruising 7-1 against RARE Esports on Ascent, but the defenders were close to grabbing another round when Izzy did the unthinkable on the B bombsite. The Jett player was in a one-vs-three clutch situation, the spike wasn’t planted, and he had less than 11 seconds to try to pull off something magical. Izzy got the trade frag on Konuralp “qw1” Şahin and made a fake plant with less than seven seconds remaining.

RARE didn’t overreact to the fake plant, though. Mert “Mykoz” Demirci simply checked it with a strafe. Izzy then held W and went after Mykoz, killed him, and had just four seconds left to win the one-vs-one clutch against Alp Kaan “BARBAROSSA” Karlıdağ, who tried to play it smart by hiding from the SuperMassive Blaze Jett player. But Izzy used the Tailwind ability to get up close and personal and killed BARBAROSSA with 1.62 seconds left on the clock.

This clutch shows how important it is to remain calm no matter what and how pros like Izzy understand how to best use the abilities of their agent.

You can’t really say that RARE Esports gifted him this round since Izzy gave it his all to win the clutch for SuperMassive Blaze. The 20-year-old helped his team secure a 2-0 victory and he shined on both maps, Haven and Ascent, finishing with a 49-28 K/D ratio, 168.9 ADR, and 292 ACS.

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