Summit1g not interested in playing VALORANT on launch day


Screengrab via Summit1G

Riot Games’ highly-anticipated tactical shooter VALORANT officially launched yesterday. But it doesn’t look like you’ll be seeing one of Twitch’s highest-profile content creators, Summit1g, playing it any time soon.

Upon starting his stream last night, the former CS:GO pro was peppered with questions from his audience that wanted to know if he’d be checking out the game for the new map and agent that were released with the game’s launch. 

But Summit couldn’t have seemed to care much less about the game. 

After asking his chat if Riot was releasing any new content along with the game’s launch, Summit showed a little bit of blissful ignorance to what the developers had been advertising prior to yesterday. 

Summit told his chat that he intended to play a little bit of Grand Theft Auto roleplay and maybe even some Sea of Thieves, skillfully deflecting the notion that he should be playing VALORANT with a smile on his face.

“Good luck, boys, playing it, but I’m good,” he said. “Listen, I can’t make myself want to play an arena game right now, or a five-vs-five shooter, you know?”

Summit was one of the most-watched content creators on Twitch during VALORANT’s closed beta, generating the strongest viewership numbers that he’s ever produced and racking up his highest all-time subscriber count. But as the closed beta progressed, he seemed to become slightly bored with the redundancy of playing a tactical shooter that has almost identical gameplay to CS:GO, a game that he began playing professionally around 2012.

Despite VALORANT being by far his most-watched game over the past 90 days with more than 33 million hours watched, Summit has spent a majority of the past month playing Sea of Thieves. In the last 30 days, Summit has streamed Sea of Thieves for 260 hours compared to playing VALORANT for just 16.