Summit experiences VALORANT server issues at the worst time

He got Jebaited.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Summit1g was by far the most-watched streamer on Twitch yesterday during the release of Riot Games’ VALORANT beta. But not even he was immune to some of the server issues that plagued the first day of access.

In a tightly-contested match, Summit’s team was down 12-9. With time ticking away, he was left alone at the end of the round facing a one-vs-one situation. Checking every corner, Summit tactfully wheeled his way around a wall at the same time that his enemy emerged, presenting what was set to be the round’s final firefight.

But just as quickly as his opponent appeared on his screen, Summit disconnected from the game, leaving just a Riot Account login screen on his monitor. His opportunity to show off his clutch skills was abruptly stripped from him by the higher powers that control the internet and game servers. 

“Sign in with your Riot Account?” he screamed. “No way.”

While the situation was obviously frustrating, Summit didn’t take it too hard. Even while screaming as the incident happened, he couldn’t help but laugh at how perfectly timed the disconnection was at baiting him into thinking he was about to experience a great gaming moment.

Summit’s DC wasn’t the only issue Riot faced over the course of the day. Numerous server issues stalled gameplay for VALORANT streamers early in the day and some people who got access through Twitch drops commented on Twitter that they were having a problem getting into the game.

Additionally, Twitch Rivals’ VALORANT event yesterday was cut short due to some server issues. While the European portion of the event was completed, the highly-anticipated North American showdown was stopped about halfway through pool play. But the event is expected to be resumed at an unannounced later time.