Streamer pulls off smart Omen outplay to clutch out a VALORANT round win

Time to pull out the galaxy brain plays.

Image via Riot Games

Omen, with his his smokes and global teleportation, can be one of the most slippery agents to deal with in VALORANT. But one streamer showed that sometimes, all you need to do to win is to play mind games with the enemy.

While defending a bomb site, Burghertown was forced away by three opponents who were now flooding into the area. But he was able to pick up an extra kill at the cost of the two other enemies learning about his position.

With his position now compromised, Burghertown made a huge play by leaning on the unexpected. Whenever Omen uses his ultimate—which allows the player to teleport anywhere on the map—he announces it to all living players, allied or not.

Instead of using the ultimate to reposition, however, he teleported right next to himself. His teammates were confused at first, but as he crept forward, they started to realize that they might be witnessing one of the smarter outplays they’ve seen so far in VALORANT.

Not many people would think that an Omen would teleport himself into the same spot he was before, which is why this trick worked so well. The two remaining players expected Burghertown to move to a better position around the map, which caused them to turn their backs to him, giving him an easy clutch to secure the round.

For any aspiring Omen players, know that when the opposing team hears the sound of his ultimate, they immediately think that the teleport will be behind them for a flank. Get creative with your portal placements and you’ll be able to bamboozle your enemies with ease.