Sources: Akrew to release VALORANT roster

Another organization is set to depart.

Image via Riot Games

North American esports organization Akrew is set to disband its VALORANT roster and temporarily exit from the competitive scene, multiple sources tell Dot Esports. 

The team will likely join the list of other organizations that have exited the VALORANT scene before the introduction of the partnership system in 2023. This exclusive circuit will function by imploring teams to apply to compete at the highest level of competition. Several top organizations have made it to the next stage of the VALORANT partnership system, which will likely include historic and notable teams, according to multiple sources. 

Akrew, who applied for partnership on June 10, may return to VALORANT once details of the tier-two scene have been revealed to the public. The organization entered the VALORANT competitive scene with the acquisition of the EZ5 roster in late 2021. Several players have gone on to join other rosters such as Eric “Kanpeki” Xu, who joined North American giants Sentinels in April. 

Akrew is set to play against Zer0 Latency and Cloud9 Academy in the MEL Premiership, which began on June 9. The tournament, which has a prize pool of $10,000, includes some of the top teams in the region including Cloud9 and Version1. 

Fellow organization SoaR announced its departure from the competitive VALORANT scene on July 15, pushing its former roster, which consisted of Ashley “Trill” Powell, Lucas “fiziq” Blow, Victor “v1c” Truong, and Ngawang “epathy” Chonjor, into free agency.