Shroud says VALORANT’s Phantom is a “better gun” than the Vandal

But the streamer admits they’re both situational.

Photo via DreamHack

VALORANT players go back and forth on which of the game’s assault rifles is superior—the Phantom or the Vandal. But now, FPS legend shroud has weighed in on the debate.

The former CS:GO pro discussed the two rifles in yesterday’s YouTube video. While he admits that both guns are “very situational,” shroud declaratively named the Phantom to be the “better gun.”

“Vandal is a very very good attacking weapon because a lot of the fights you take can be at range and Phantom is a very good defensive weapon because a lot of fights you take are close range,” the Mixer streamer said. “Overall, statistically, Phantom is better.”

Shroud went on to explain that if you’re feeling “crispy,” the Vandal might be a better option. But the Phantom allows “more room for error.”

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Landing a headshot with the Vandal at any range will kill your target. The Phantom, on the other hand, has damage drop off depending on how far away your enemy is. But since the Vandal has a slower rate of fire and less forgiving recoil, players need to have pinpoint accuracy and click heads.

And since defenders will often hold corners as they wait for attackers to initiate, the higher rate of fire combined with shorter range makes the Phantom a more viable option.