Shroud says VALORANT is not ready for a full release

The popular streamer thinks Riot might be releasing the game too early.

Image via Riot Games

Shroud explained his thoughts on VALORANT’s imminent release and how he thinks the game needs a little more time in development during a Mixer stream yesterday.

VALORANT is one of the most anticipated games of the year and has already found major success in its closed beta. Riot Games recently announced the game would be released on June 2, which was well-received by fans who are excited for the full release of the game. Some people believe Riot is releasing the game too early, however.

Shroud explained why he thinks the game is being released earlier than expected and that it might be pressure from Riot.

“It is not ready. VALORANT is not ready. I don’t know what the fuck they think they’re doing.” Shroud said. “I think they’re just being pushed by Riot…I think Riot is pressuring these little dogs to get this title out, but they’re probably thinking ‘fuck, were not ready, lets try our best.’”

Shroud also explained that the game is missing a lot of features and the launch might be messy because of the rushed release date.

Despite his feelings that VALORANT is not ready for a full release, Shroud did entertain the idea that the needed changes could be ready by launch.

“That is very possible, maybe they have a fix to every single problem by launch… It is close to being ready,” the streamer said.

All players will be able try VALORANT for themselves on June 2.