Shroud pulls off clutch ace, saves round during VALORANT stream

The popular streamer appears sharp going into his debut as a pro VALORANT player.

Image via Riot Games and Screengrab via Shroud on YouTube

Sentinels’ VALORANT player and popular Twitch streamer Shroud just executed one of the most impressive aces during yesterday’s livestream that had both the community and his teammates impressed by his talent.

The 49-second Twitch clip shows Shroud holding B site on Ascent as Omen against five enemy agents that attempted to infiltrate the site. Shroud’s first kill was against the enemy team’s Omen that used Shrouded Step to land directly in front of Shroud’s crosshair. That opening kill was then followed by a pair of kills onto the enemy Reyna and Jett, who were unable to land the kill onto Shroud despite the Sentinels player being seemingly cornered in the B site boat house.

He continued to hold down the site against the enemy Sage to quickly leave the situation left to a one-vs-one clutch against the enemy Chamber. Left in a guessing game, Shroud teleported towards the outskirts of the B site entrance, attempting to find one final kill, and peeked the last corner to grab the final kill off an incredible flick onto Chamber’s head.

Shroud is a former professional North American CS:GO player, who most notably played for Cloud9 from 2014 to 2017. Shortly after his tenure at Cloud9, he retired from the game to transition into full-time streaming, where he became a breakout streamer for his streams around first-person shooters. Shroud’s return to competitive gaming will mark the end of a nearly five-year hiatus away from competitive as well as his debut as a pro VALORANT player with Sentinels.

Just a few weeks ago, Shroud made waves in the VALORANT community when he revealed he would be making a return to competitive play as Sentinels’ newest member heading into the VCT North America: Last Chance Qualifier. While some have been skeptical if the popular streamer would be able to make the transition back into pro play, Shroud has continued to showcase his talents in the FPS world with another VALORANT highlight.

Shroud will have an opportunity to further prove he can translate his impressive skills seen on stream into competitive VALORANT as he and Sentinels prepare for the VCT NA: Last Chance Qualifier starting on Aug. 4 and ending Aug. 14.

Regardless of whether Shroud and Sentinels make the run all the way through the VCT NA: Last Chance Qualifier, you cannot deny the streamers’ impressive aim.

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