Sentinels crush FaZe in VALORANT Champions Tour NA Masters upper bracket finals

What a performance.

Image via Sentinels

FaZe Clan were looking incredibly strong heading into the upper bracket finals of VCT NA Masters, but Sentinels took control of the match early and never looked back.

Icebox was a mostly one-sided affair, with Sentinels winning 13-5. Haven was better for FaZe Clan, as they eked out eight rounds, but the result was still the same, Sentinels secured the map and sent FaZe to the lower bracket in a 2-0 victory.

FaZe will now have to fight their way back into the grand finals by beating the victor of the Envy-Gen.G match. Envy sent Luminosity home in a 2-0 struggle today, and Gen.G defeated powerhouse 100 Thieves in a massive upset.

The hero of the match was Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, a stand-in for Sentinels, who more than proved his worth. He went +16 in K/D and was the tip of the spear for Sentinels throughout the match. TenZ has been a force throughout this tournament, and his success as a stand-in for Jay “sinatraa” Won has been key to Sentinels’ overall success in the tournament.

As the VALORANT scene now stands, Sentinels are by far and away the best team in North America. The only question is how much TenZ’s buyout actually is.