Riot underestimated interest for first international Game Changers event and many fans are now on a waiting list for tickets

Fans were not ready for how tiny the venue really is.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Game Changers is having its first international LAN event this year in Berlin, Germany, and fans were excited to learn that the event would be in-person, meaning tickets would be sold to watch it live. What fans weren’t quite aware of, though, was that the venue is incredibly small.

Riot gave details about the live audience and ticket sales on Oct. 13 and announced that the event would be held at the LEC studio in Germany. But fans didn’t realize that the venue only holds 174 seats until they were placed on a waiting list after tickets sold out very shortly after they went on sale today.

Fans on social media have been posting about the quick sellout all morning. It got more attention after VALORANT caster Jessica Bolden tried to buy a ticket in case she didn’t get hired for the event and was placed on a waiting list. Tanner Metro, another caster fans are used to seeing in VALORANT tournaments, is also in the same boat.

Although fans are just now figuring out just how small the venue is, it seems that Riot intended ticket sales to be quite light when it announced the details for ticket purchases. The blog post said that there would be a “select number of general admission tickets” that would go on sale on Oct. 17, and it is now exceptionally clear to fans just how select that number is.

To make matters worse in the eyes of its fans, VALORANT Champions Tour tweeted that tickets were available two hours after they sold out and well after the complaints about the small venue started rolling in on social media. The tweet has since been deleted. Since then, fans have asked Riot to consider changing the venue and have even started a petition to get Riot’s attention on the matter.

The Game Changers 2022 Championship takes place from Nov. 15 to 20 and will house a live audience for the last few days of the event, Nov. 18 to 20. This includes the winners bracket finals, losers bracket matches, and the grand finals.