Riot to add URF-themed weapon skins in VALORANT

The game will have a little nod to the League of Legends universe.

Image via Riot Games

Although VALORANT might be the new, shiny game that everyone has their eyes on, League of Legends will always be Riot Games’ first love. But both worlds will meet, at least for a moment, because the new first-person shooter will feature URF-themed weapon cosmetics, according to IGN Nordic’s editor-in-chief, Nick Nijland.

In a video made by Nijland and fellow IGN editor Sven Rietkerk, they said Riot apparently revealed that VALORANT will be getting URF skins for guns in recognition of the developer’s work on the extremely popular MOBA title.

Ultra-Rapid Fire is a featured game mode in League that was first introduced in celebration of April Fools’ Day. In regular games, individual champions have four spells that each have their own cooldown timers and mana costs.

URF mode, on the other hand, grants all players 80 percent cooldown reduction and removes mana costs. It’s a fun game mode that encourages mayhem and constant fighting.

The mascot of the game mode and event is Urf, the Manatee. He was originally another April Fools’ Day joke from Riot. The developers marketed him as the next champion before subsequently “canceling” his release. He eventually became the symbol for the URF game mode and April Fools’ Day event.

These weapon skins should be wild and wacky, just like how URF is in League. There’s still no connection between Runeterra and the rest of the League universe and the world of VALORANT, but it could be nice to see Riot make an ode to the first game it created.


Tyler Esguerra
Lead League of Legends writer for Dot Esports. Forever an LCS supporter, AD carry main, with more than five years in the industry. Sometimes I like clicking heads in Call of Duty or VALORANT. Creator of the Critical Strike Podcast.