Riot teases silhouette of upcoming VALORANT Agent 14 in new wallpapers

The roster grows by one next month.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans, prepare for Agent 14.

Riot added three downloadable wallpapers to its VALORANT media page, teasing the silhouette of the tac shooter’s newest agent. The wallpapers were initially found by the VALORANT Lore Twitter account, who posted their findings earlier today.

Riot hasn’t offered much other information on the upcoming agent, but data miners and players have dug deep throughout Act III to create their own theories.

Riot often hides clues about the next agent in its battle pass, leading the VALORANT community to sift through it looking for Easter eggs. Some believe Agent 14 is a samurai who can manipulate death and time, as seen by some player cards and teasers found on Icebox. And data miner VALORANT Leaks seemingly discovered his codename, “Stealth,” in the game’s files in September.

More recently, a player encountered a potential in-game Easter egg on Dec. 8, showing an invisible person walking on Icebox. Though the figure was transparent, they left behind a trail of footsteps that may point to Agent 14’s ability.

The new agent will likely be released with VALORANT Episode Two, one month from now.