Riot, Sentinels suspend Sinatraa from competing in VCT NA Masters One following sexual abuse allegations

Sinatraa won't play this weekend.

Screengrab via VALORANT Esports

Jay “Sinatraa” Won’s ex-girlfriend released a statement last night detailing allegations of sexual abuse. And now, Riot Games has responded to the situation with a statement.

Sinatraa won’t be allowed to compete in this weekend’s VALORANT Champions Tour North America Masters One event, Riot announced today.

“We are aware of the current situation regarding Jay Won (Sinatraa) and have launched an investigation,” Riot said. “Per our existing competitive rules and investigative process, a decision has been made to suspend Won throughout the investigation and therefore he will not be able to compete this weekend.”

Sinatraa is a former Overwatch League MVP and Overwatch League champion. The Overwatch League released a commemorative skin for Zarya, his hero of choice, in June 2020 in honor of his award.

But in April 2020, Sinatraa quit Overwatch for VALORANT, Riot’s then-new tactical shooter. He joined the Sentinels squad, which quickly became one of the best in North America. They won Pop Flash and have qualified for the VCT Masters One, which is set to kick off this weekend.

His ex-girlfriend’s allegations include explicit details of abuse, including a 15-second audio clip in which you can allegedly hear him rejecting her refusal to have sex. In the clip, she says “no” five times in the 15 seconds detailed, and in the document, she claims that they did not stop having sex after that—they “stopped when he was done.”

Sinatraa has not yet responded to these allegations.

Update March 10 12:35pm CT: Sentinels has also released a statement, confirming that Sinatraa has been suspended by the team.

“We are aware of the current situation regarding Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won and have launched an investigation internally,” Sentinels said. “While the investigation is pending, he is suspended from the team. We will provide a further update once the investigation has concluded.”

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Hunter Cooke
Investigative Unit. Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT.