Riot showcases Sage in latest VALORANT gameplay teaser

“I am both shield and sword.”

Image via Riot Games

Sage does it all in VALORANT’s latest gameplay teaser that was released by Riot Games today.

The Chinese agent is a jack of all trades, using both healing and damage to her advantage. She’s Mercy, Mei, and Moira all rolled into one. She has a recurrent ability, an ice wall, and a healing orb, too.

Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. If she isn’t reviving fallen friends, she’s staving off forceful assaults and providing a calm center to a hellish battlefield. She might be the only healer in VALORANT, but that doesn’t mean she can’t inflict damage. 

In Riot’s gameplay teaser video, Sage throws out a healing orb to her friendly Jett with what looks like a slow-ticking heal-over-time. She then hears footsteps and immediately uses her slow orb—a large glowing sea of green—before finding the kill with her sidearm. 

Instead of sitting back like a regular healer in Overwatch would do, she takes the initiative. She charges up her barrier orb, cutting off her enemies from the objective.

Climbing up her wall, crouching, and peaking around the corner, she then catches Cypher and Phoenix off guard, pulling her trigger to win the round.

Image via Riot Games

The one ability that wasn’t featured in the teaser was resurrection, possibly one of the most controversial mechanics in the game.

When Sage charges up her ultimate, she can revive a teammate with full health after a short delay. This could end up being one of the strongest abilities in VALORANT due to its game-changing nature.

VALORANT is set to be released this summer with the closed beta due in the coming months.