Riot sends out customized spikes to content creators, celebrities to celebrate VALORANT’s anniversary

Us, normal human beings, aren't getting one of those kits.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has shipped out a customized VALORANT spike that comes with a set of three special knifes to some content creators and personalities, to celebrate the tactical FPS’ first anniversary.

People like the worldwide famous Russian DJ Anton Zaslavsk, known professionally as Zedd, and content creator QuarterJade shared the goodies on social media. It comes with a personalized Spike, the object used in plant/defuse game modes, a glitchpop dagger, a prime karambit, and a singularity knife.

“As usual VALORANT has outdone themselves,” QuarterJade wrote on Twitter. “Thank you so much for the gifts and happy YEAR 1 anniversary to my favorite game.”

The initiative was well-received in the VALORANT community, especially because all the items look absolutely beautiful. Of course, it caused some jealousy in some people, but what could Riot have done? If they send it out to every VALORANT fan, the items would certainly lose their uniqueness.

VALORANT officially celebrated its first anniversary earlier this month on June 2 and Riot, among other things, created the Year One event, which features a free pass that rewards VALORANT players with exclusive items. Each of the rewards is associated with the game’s first birthday such as the Year One Card, Year One Gun Buddy, Episode Three Reflection Card, YR1 and Year One titles, and 20 Radianite Points.

Even though you can’t get what those celebrities and content creators received, don’t miss out on the opportunity to win exclusive VALORANT items when the Year One event becomes available on June 22, the starting date of Episode Three, Act One.


Leonardo Biazzi
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