Riot previews spooky Silvanus skins for VALORANT’s Vandal, Phantom, Sheriff, Operator, and Stinger

They should hit the Store tomorrow.

Image via Riot Games and floxay

The upcoming VALORANT skins are a good reminder of why you shouldn’t wander into a forest at night.

VALORANT‘s Collection tab has been updated to include the hair-raising Silvanus skins with Patch 2.07, featuring cosmetics for the Vandal, Phantom, Sheriff, Operator, and Stinger. While they aren’t available for purchase yet, they’ll likely hit the Store when the Magepunk Collection rotates out in 27 hours.

Similar to the already-existing Winterwunderland, Horizon, and Nebula skins, the Silvanus cosmetics will feature a scene in a unique background. This time, players can wield weapons that put a spooky house on the forefront, surrounding it with a dark forest and a large, glowing moon.

The Silvanus Collection seemingly won’t include any upgradable animations or finishers, putting them in a lower price tier. The cosmetics will likely fall into the Deluxe tier, costing 1,275 VP per item, according to data miner floxay. And since there’s no melee weapon with this bundle, the entire collection will probably run for 4,270 VP.

Patch 2.07 also included minor changes to Astra, Raze, and Viper. The new controller will now be able to pull agents who defuse the Spike with her Gravity Well, while Raze will now offer audio queues when boosted in the air from her Blast Pack. And Riot fixed a Viper bug that wasn’t calculating decay damage properly.

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