Here are the full notes and updates for VALORANT Patch 2.07

A few agents received minor updates in the latest patch.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 2.07 is just around the corner and players can expect minor changes to Astra, Raze, and Viper. The latest patch also addresses several bugs and minor features to improve gameplay. 

Agent updates

Astra received a minor buff in Patch 2.07 and can now pull agents defusing the Spike with her Gravity Well ability. This means players can prevent a defuse without engaging the enemy if they time the Gravity Well correctly. 

Raze also received minor updates, but they’ll likely help her opponents. New audio queues were added to let players know when Raze is boosted in the air from a Blast Pack. Raze’s explosion and Showstopper launching VFX have been adjusted to be “less obscuring.” Players will have less clutter on their screen after her ult and can engage Raze faster. 

A bug previously occurred when armored players took damaged while decayed by entering a Viper ability. The damage wasn’t calculated correctly, which prevented players from dying normally. This happened specifically with the Marshal, which would leave enemies with one health instead of killing them. 

Bug fixes

Patch 2.07 addressed several bugs across VALORANT. Yoru can’t plant the Spike after using his Gatecrash ability while the Dimensional Shift is active. Sometimes, Astra players would see a dome in the sky after exiting Astral form while Omen used his ult, but this issue is resolved. 

A bug that impacted the Match History filter to function incorrectly was also resolved. And a bug that prevented AFK players from being punished correctly has been fixed as well.

A complete list of the bugs and quality-of-life changes can be found in the official patch notes

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