Riot plans to add more VALORANT servers across Europe and North America

Hopefully this prevents server issues moving into the official launch.

Image via Riot Games

The official launch of Riot Games’ long-awaited first-person shooter VALORANT will take place next month, the company announced today. Additionally, the developers showed off some plans to add more server deployments in Europe and North America.

“There are things that remain outside of our control, like our ongoing negotiations with ISPs who are routing players to the wrong data centers,” Riot said. “Larger matchmaking populations will help deliver games where most players have less than 35ms ping, because sometimes it just comes down to geography.”

Soon, Riot will be looking to add more game servers in Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta, and Dallas to help players get onto the VALORANT network. The team is also looking at possible options in Eastern Europe, Colombia, and Argentina since there are still some latency problems in those regions.

Unfortunately for players in Vietnam, Riot won’t be able to get any servers for that region just yet. Players in India and the Middle East will also be rerouted to SEA and EU servers for the time being while the team tries to figure out specific plans for each location. Ping will be a bit higher in these regions, but it’ll be better than nothing for those who want to try out the game as soon as possible.

Riot’s servers will need to try to keep up with the incredible amount of people who will be hopping onto the game when it drops next month. The company has dealt with server issues in the past with both VALORANT and League of Legends, but it looks like the developers are well prepared this time around.

VALORANT will officially be released on June 2.