Riot outlines most played VALORANT agents per region, putting Jett and Sage on top

The two agents are getting a lot of playing time.

Image via Riot Games

Riot unveiled the two most played VALORANT agents by region—and it’s not really a surprise.

In the U.S., Korea, and Turkey regions, Jett is the most popular agent. But Russia, Brazil, and Mexico prefer a medic, making Sage the most common pick.

Jett’s popularity isn’t a shock considering her outplay potential and mobility, especially in the pro scene. And being the poster child of Riot’s tactical shooter certainly helps.

Though the Operator took a huge hit in Patch 1.09, Jett is used as the resident sniper for almost every comp. Being able to take a shot and then duck out of trouble makes her difficult to take out. Riot attempted to balance her a bit with nerfs to her ultimate, targeting the burst fire (RMB) on Blade Storm.

Sage’s prevalence is a bit more of a mystery considering she underwent extensive nerfs in Patch 1.07. With her ally heal and self-heal reduced dramatically, as well as the strength of her wall, her role as a go-to option for any comp diminished. But at least three regions prefer her over any other agent in the game right now.