Riot makes VALORANT’s weekly mission requirements “significantly easier” for Act III battle pass

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Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans unable to complete Act II’s battle pass should find things easier this time around.

Riot made VALORANT‘s weekly mission requirements “significantly easier,” revenue lead Joe “SWAGGERNAU7” Lee said today. Pairing that with an act that’s about three weeks longer should help relieve some pressure off players.

The total XP needed to complete the Act III battle pass is the same as Act II. But after seeing that weekly mission completion rates weren’t as high as expected, Riot made some adjustments.

Lee explained that the “most egregious” mission of using your ultimate ability 50 times will now be lowered to 25 times. This should help players complete more missions, thus earning more XP and finishing the battle pass quicker.

VALORANT fans have 89 days left to finish the battle pass, which should last until mid January.