Riot looking to fix various Sage wall boosts that have popped up in VALORANT

Some boosts gave teams an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Image via Riot Games

Over the past week since the VALORANT closed beta came out, players have started to find some cheeky Sage wall boosts that provide disgusting angles for picks on the three maps available for testing. But Riot Games is now looking into the problem and will be fixing them throughout this week, according to game director Joe Ziegler.

Multiple people reported that they had found weird spots around all three maps where Sage walls can be placed. One example is on the map Split, which allows defenders to peek into A Lobby heading into A Main. Defenders can also replicate the boost so that a friendly Omen player can teleport high above the map for an insane angle onto the bombsite.

Another well-known Sage-Omen boost is on the map Haven, where players can lay down a Sage wall near A Short before the round even begins. It’s a broken boost that allows players to look into A Long and into the heaven spot at the A bombsite.

Many people have already complained about these spots, saying that they’re similar to boost spots on various CS:GO maps, like the infamous Olofboost that was used by Fnatic on Overpass. They give too much information when the angle wasn’t supposed to be available in the first place—you’re basically looking over the entire map.

But Riot must expect such strategies to pop up as the closed beta continues. Players will want to find unique strategies to help them succeed, and with agents that can change the overall shape of a map, people will use everything at their disposal to win.

Fans can likely expect a patch for these boosts in the coming week.