Riot looking to deliver “some of the best network conditions in the industry” in VALORANT

A new dev update focuses on netcode.

Image via Riot Games

A new developer update from Riot Games focusing on netcode in VALORANT was released today, highlighting the game’s 128-tick servers.

Riot technical directory Dave Heironymus and technical engineering lead David Straily are the stars of the new five-and-a-half-minute video filmed within the developer’s studio.

The developers highlighted that competitive integrity is paramount when it comes to VALORANT, meaning that there’s a fair playing field for all 10 players in a game at any time.

“In essence, competitive integrity is that for every single game you play, whether you win or you lose, you are in control of the outcome,” Straily said. “Through no fault of the other nine players or the game’s server, they will not hinder your experience.”

Heironymus, meanwhile, mentions Riot Direct, which is essentially “Riot’s ISP.” The developer plans to build a network wherever there’s a hole in the player population to help lower ping as much as possible.

“What this all means is that VALORANT players should get some of the best network conditions in the industry with Riot Direct and our 128-tick game servers,” Heironymus said.

The full video is definitely worth checking out if you have any interest in VALORANT, which is now in beta and set to release some time this summer.