Riot has fixed the Jett bugs from VALORANT Patch 3.08 deployment

She's back. Yay?

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT team at Riot Games has announced that the bugged changes to Jett that were accidentally implemented with Patch 3.07 have now been fixed.

When Patch 3.08 released on Oct. 20, many Jett fans were surprised to see some serious nerfs applied to the popular aerial duelist. Using Updraft while her ultimate set of knives was equipped caused the knives to come out much slower than usual. Additionally, the time taken to re-equip a weapon after Taildash was longer, and the cost of Updraft went up as well.

Riot Games announced on Twitter that these changes were not intended and were bugs, but were not severe enough from a competitive integrity standpoint “to risk a Patch redeploy,” so they said the issues might not be fixed until Patch 3.09. Riot has now implemented a hotfix to get the issues resolved before the unofficial “patch day” on Tuesdays.

The idea of a Jett rework or nerf has been a popular talking point amongst casual and competitive VALORANT fans, considering the agent’s overwhelming presence on almost all maps at the esports level. A few people were even celebrating the initial, accidental changes, although Jett fans were certainly not a part of that group.

It’s unclear whether Riot would reimplement these changes if and when it does decide to nerf Jett, or if it will move ahead with a different set of nerfs altogether.