Riot acknowledges Jett bugs but explains a fix might not be released until VALORANT Patch 3.09

Get used to the changes for now.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has publicly acknowledged the Jett bugs introduced in VALORANT Patch 3.08. But since they aren’t severely impacting gameplay, according to Riot, a fix might not come until Patch 3.09. 

Patch 3.08 was released yesterday, adding a few exciting options like being able to equip any skin level of the default version of a skin, notifications when Riot takes action against a player you reported, and several bug fixes. But players quickly noticed multiple changes to Jett’s abilities, slightly nerfing the agent. 

Players noticed a slight change to Jett’s Updraft animation, causing her knives to pull out slower. Players also noticed the weapon equip time after using Jett’s Tailwind is longer, making it harder to engage enemies after dashing. The cost of the Updraft ability is now more expensive too, making players consider when they should purchase the ability. 

Riot acknowledged the bugs today but isn’t planning a patch redeploy and explained that a fix might not come until Patch 3.09. Riot said the bugs aren’t game-breaking or impacting competitive integrity, so players will likely have to wait a while for them to be fixed. 

Jett is one of the most controversial agents in VALORANT. She’s the most popular duelist and is considered the best agent in most skill levels. These changes will impact the way she’s used, especially when pushing an enemy. But many players have requested a nerf and these changes might be a step in the right direction.

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