Riot discusses extended period for remakes and agent-specific keybinds in the latest Ask VALORANT post

It's unclear when the feature will change.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is considering extending the remake period in VALORANT to allow players to find new matches, the company announced in its latest Ask VALORANT blog post today. Players might also see agent-specific keybinds in the future. 

The match remake feature allows players to end a game early if one of their teammates abandons the match or goes AFK. Right now, players can only remake by round two, which isn't always ideal since players will often go AFK in later rounds. 

Riot was strict about the initial remake design to avoid players from abusing the matchmaking system, but it's clear the system needs improvements. The developers confirmed in the latest Ask VALORANT blog post that they're considering multiple options to improve the function. This includes a longer window to remake, an automated remake function, and more clarity when a remake is happening instead of a surrender. 

Right now, there's no date for when these options will be implemented, but fans can expect more updates in the future. 

The blog post also mentioned agent-specific keybinds, which is an option many players have asked about. Some players use multiple agents based on maps or other situations and each agent has unique abilities. Customizing keybinds for each agent can help players use the character more efficiently, but there's no option to customize for each agent yet. 

Riot didn't provide a specific time frame for when this option will be added, but the developers hope for a version of this to appear in Episode Three. 

Other players asked about a shorter agent-selection time in Spike Rush, but Riot has no intentions of changing this at this time. More information surrounding the remake and agent-specific keybinds will likely be released in the future. 

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