Riot decreases VALORANT’s income credit cap from 12,000 to 9,000 in Patch 0.50

Be a bit more mindful of your spending habits on the battlefield.

Image via Riot Games

Another VALORANT patch went live today. This time around, Riot Games has made some big changes to the game and its systems, including a significant decrease to the income cap for players.

VALORANT Patch 0.50 has lowered the total credit cap from 12,000 to 9,000.

“We’re noticing that players/teams who manage to bank a high amount of credits are maintaining a rich economic state for too long,” Riot said. “It becomes a monumental challenge for the opposing team to dethrone their economy.”

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Player economy is one of the most important things to keep track of in a tactical shooter like VALORANT. People can’t just spend their credits wastefully. Teams must coordinate when they want to buy weapons, when to save their credits, and when they need to force a buy to help win a crucial round in the match.

Some players have raised complaints about how hard it is to break an enemy team’s economy once they get a handful of round wins in a row, however. Losing teams can always be placed on the backfoot with a single loss, while a winning team can afford to lose multiple rounds and not worry about credits since they’ve usually banked the max amount.

As a result, these changes should allow losing teams a bit more leeway when it comes to starting up comebacks. Teams that are ahead must be a bit more cautious with their spending habits since they can hit rock bottom with their economy a lot quicker if they aren’t careful.

Wasting possible credits, on the other hand, can become a real problem now that there’s a lower economy limit. Once you’ve hit that 9,000 credit limit, you should start offering to buy your teammates some weapons because you don’t want to lose out on any gold earned.

You can read about all the details of VALORANT Patch 0.50 in Riot’s official patch notes.