Riot confirms second round of VALORANT Year One stat emails are coming next week

Make sure to opt-in for emails in your account preferences.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players who did not receive the Year One stats email can expect theirs next week, according to an official tweet, as long as they update their account preferences. It’s unclear exactly when the company will send the emails, but fans can rest easy knowing their statistics are on the way.

Riot confirmed it will send out another batch of Year in Review emails next week to players who opt-in to receive communications from the company in their account preferences. All they need to do is go to their Riot Games account and check the “Communications from Riot Games” box. This also signs users up to receive marketing emails from Riot Games that aren’t the Year in Review infographic, however.

Riot surprised VALORANT players with an email detailing their stats from the first year in the game yesterday, as part of a celebration of the shooter’s first anniversary. The statistics included total kills, headshots, kill/death ratios, and other metrics. Numerous players shared their stats with their friends, but other fans were confused about why they never received their own personalized email.

The fine print on the message confirmed that only players who opted to receive marketing communications from Riot Games received the first set of emails with their year in review. This meant that those who opted out were excluded from the first wave of statistics.

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