Riot confirms Brimstone is receiving buffs in VALORANT soon

This could help make Brimstone a viable choice.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT meta is dominated by Omen right now because of his powerful kit that’s useful in almost any situation. The other two controllers, Brimstone and Viper, are often overlooked since they’re less effective than Omen.

Riot is aware of this issue and confirmed today that Brimstone will get some buffs soon. 

A VALORANT player explained on Reddit how Omen dominates the meta and how Brimstone’s smokes are less effective than Omen’s. Brimstone’s smokes take a long time to activate and they don’t regenerate over time like Omen’s. His other abilities are also less useful than Omen’s, which causes many people to avoid selecting him in matches. 

The player suggested giving Brimstone a faster pullout time when activating his smokes and increasing their range. They also suggested allowing players to pick certain spots before a round starts that will automatically be smoked when the ability is activated. This would enable Brimstone players to help their team by smoking positions almost instantly. 

Riot is aware of the current Omen meta and how Brimstone pales in comparison. Riot developer Altombre responded to the post and confirmed that Brimstone buffs are “coming very soon.”

Altombre didn’t specifically say how Brimstone will be buffed, but it’s reassuring news for fans of the agent. Brimstone and Viper are interesting agents that many players enjoy using. 

These unspecified buffs could help make Brimstone a viable choice in VALORANT and raise his pick rate across all levels of competition.