Riot Arkem says Vanguard’s compatibility with vulnerable software packages has been expanded

Keep your fingers crossed for better results.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT devs have finally detailed how they plan to address anti-cheat program Vanguard, an invasive piece of software that causes major PC issues for many players.

“We’ve heard feedback from players that it felt like Vanguard was being overbearing in its approach to security so we’re taking another approach,” Paul Chamberlain, the game’s anti-cheat lead, said in a recent developer’s post. “As of last week, Vanguard’s compatibility with vulnerable software packages has been expanded.”

The program is highly invasive, blocking various essential programs, including keyboard, mouse, and graphics drivers, as well as temperature and fan controllers.

The worst cases would actually send players to the dreaded blue screen of death, forcing them to start up their PC in safe mode to uninstall VALORANT in order to use their machine. As a result, many players decided to remove the game to guarantee their safety from any unwanted crashes or problems.

Arkem also said that Riot will be exploring more “non-invasive solutions” to some security issues, so that the game can still co-exist with various programs without having to disable or block them from working. If a program cannot work alongside Vanguard, VALORANT will be disabled rather than the software in question.

The game is still in closed beta, which means there’s plenty of room for improvements across all fronts. Hopefully, this update will give players some peace of mind when they decide to run some VALORANT in the coming weeks.