Riot adjusts Bind pickrate in VALORANT’s Escalation mode in response to teleporter camping

The annoying tactic will be fixed.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is aware of VALORANT players camping in the teleporter in the Escalation game mode, and it has lowered the pickrate for Bind while it works on a fix. 

Escalation is the newest game mode introduced to VALORANT and adds a fun and casual area for players to enjoy. Each team progresses through different weapons by killing enemies, and the first team to successfully finish all weapons wins the match. 

A few players discovered an annoying tactic that allows them to continuously hide in the teleporter on Bind. This forces opposing players to enter the teleporter to kill them, but the teleporter players have the advantage. 

Some weapons can be spammed through the teleporter to kill the hiding players, but most require players to physically enter the teleporter. The tactic works with both teleporters, but the teleporter connecting A site to the middle lane is the most popular spot. 

Riot acknowledged the issue and is working on stopping the camping that will be introduced in Patch 2.04. In the meantime, the developers have lowered the Bind pickrates in Escalation, which will prevent players from encountering the issue as often. 

Most players are enjoying the new game mode, but the teleporter tactic removes some of the fun. Hopefully, Riot can find a fix for the issue, and players can enjoy Bind in Escalation in the future. 

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