Region-based leaderboards and queue-size restriction for Immortal rank and above may come in VALORANT Episode 2

The changes are "on track" for "early next year."

Image via Riot Games

High-rank VALORANT players might have cause for celebration next year.

Today’s VALORANT Dev Diaries video discussed competitive changes potentially debuting with the launch of Episode two. The features will target the ranked climb for high-skill players, such as a public region-based leaderboard and restricting queue size for Immortal ranks and above.

A leaderboard system is necessary for Radiant players, who need more incentive to continue the grind after hitting the highest rank. This will likely follow a similar system to League of Legends, where players move up and down the ladder with wins or losses and accumulate points.

Riot is also looking to reduce queue sizes for high ranks to solo and duo only in an effort to create fairer matchmaking with a much smaller player pool.

The developers are “on track” to deliver these features “early next year” with Episode two’s launch.

Riot also revealed that it’s tightening restrictions on rank disparity starting next week with Act III. Instead of being able to queue with friends within six ranks of you, it’ll be limited to three ranks.