Raze’s Blast Pack allows Omen to teleport through window into B site on Ascent in VALORANT

The strategy is more viable with Raze.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found another way to use Omen’s Shrouded Step ability to avoid crossing an open area and surprise enemies by combining it with Raze’s Blast Pack on Ascent.  

Players previously discovered that Omen can teleport into B site on Ascent through the window in B main. This strategy requires Sage’s wall to boost Omen to the window so they can teleport onto the site. But Sage is not picked often, so the strategy is not a viable choice in most matches.

The new method allows Omen to teleport through the window by using a much more popular agent: Raze. Raze’s Blast Pack can boost herself forward or into the air and has the same effects on her teammates. If timed correctly, Raze’s Blast Pack can boost Omen towards the B main window and allows the player to teleport into B site. 

A player uploaded a short clip today showing the strategy in action, and it looks relatively simple to recreate. The Omen player will have to time the teleport in the air, but this should be easy to do after a few tries. 

Most defenders on B site will watch B main and not sit back on site unless pushed. This new strategy will allow Omen players to sneak onto the site and potentially eliminate the enemies watching B main and open the site for their teammates. 

Raze and Omen are two of the most popular agents in VALORANT. The strategy will likely start appearing in matches, so make sure to check for sneaky Omen players when defending B site on Ascent.