Omen can teleport through a window into B site on Ascent in VALORANT

B site defenders should look out for this strategy.

Image via Riot Games

Omen’s Shrouded Step is one of the most versatile abilities in VALORANT. Players can teleport to a new location without crossing an open area and can reposition and confuse enemies.

A VALORANT player recently discovered Omen can use this ability to teleport through a window into B site on Ascent. 

The player used Sage’s wall to boost themselves in B main near the crate that the orb spawns on each round. There are openings at the top of the wall that are not accessible by most agents. Sage’s wall, however, allows players to see into B site and gather information before pushing the site. 

The Omen player used the window for more than information as they teleported onto the site using the Shrouded Step ability. Most players do expect enemies to on the site without exiting B main, so the player was able to surprise the other team consistently. Defending players do not typically sit back in B main, which makes this strategy viable. Teams will likely figure out the trick after a few rounds, so make sure to use it sparingly. 

Many players expressed their excitement about the new spot and how it can be useful in matches. It’s unclear if this was always possible or if an update allowed Omen to teleport through the window. Regardless, it is a useful strategy for Omen players and something all players should be aware of.