Raze can open Bind’s Teleporter doors from the outside using Boom Bot in VALORANT

At least knock first.

Screengrab via Riot Games

It’s time to celebrate, Raze mains. Boom Bot got a buff—well, sort of.

One savvy VALORANT player discovered a way to open Bind’s Teleporter doors using Raze’s Boom Bot, posting their findings last night. And while the strategy’s usefulness is debatable, it can certainly catch an enemy off guard.

To open the Teleporter outside of Hookah, players need to crouch and walk into the bottom of the door frame. You then aim at a specific spot so that your Boom Bot deploys toward a small crevice on the door frame. If done correctly, the Teleporter doors should open immediately.

Players who want to use this strategy when there are enemies hiding in the Teleporter should tread with caution. Raze would have little time between casting Boom Bot and the door opening, potentially putting you in a vulnerable position. It may be wise to have your teammates already aiming at the door to take out unsuspecting opponents. And Raze mains can use this tactic preemptively, hopping into the Teleporter and waiting for the enemy squad to hop through.

This isn’t the first time an ability was able to open Bind’s Teleporter doors. Yoru players were using Fakeout to similarly pry open the doors from the outside, casting the ability at the same exact spot where Raze’s Boom Bot goes. Since Riot eventually patched this exploit out, the Raze Boom Bot strat may follow suit.

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