Players report that VALORANT’s servers are down

The servers could be experiencing issues.

Image via Riot Games

Some VALORANT players are experiencing issues with the Riot Games servers and have been kicked out of the game. 

There’s been a spike of reports from users experiencing issues logging into VALORANT today, mostly with server connection. Some players are unable to log in to the VALORANT client, too. 

A small number of users in Europe experienced issues earlier but the servers remained largely unaffected, according to DownDetector.

Users are met with a message that reads “Sorry, we’re currently experiencing issues with our services. Please try again later” when they try to log in to the game. 

Riot has not yet reported any issues for players in major regions like North America and Europe, according to its website. The developers were investigating major issues in custom games and practice mode, however, yesterday. 

The servers also crashed during the European VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 today. Alliance were in the middle of a match against German organization BIG in the first round of the upper quarterfinals of the closed qualifier for Stage One Challengers One. 

The servers remained down for about 10 minutes before they were fixed for most players.

Players who were in a competitive match may be given a penalty after the match has concluded for being AFK. The penalty may include a time restriction or may take away a rank-up if players were close to the requirement following a victory. 

This isn’t the first time the VALORANT servers have experienced some issues. There’s typically an influx of players after updates, which could leave the servers strained, or some bugs may be present that need to be fixed, either of which could hinder the game’s performance.

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