Players ask to be rewarded VALORANT points instead of Radianite by premium battle pass

The Radianite currency isn't loved.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players are are pushing for the premium battle pass to reward VALORANT points instead of Radianite points.

“Most other battle passes in games have the currency used to buy the pass in it,” a player said in a thread that’s gained a lot of support on Reddit. “That way if you complete that pass you could buy the next one with those credits you saved. It should be this way for Valorant to, or at least be able to convert Radianite to Valorant Points,” says the user.

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The premium version of the “Ignition: Act I” battle pass can be bought for 1,000 VALORANT points, which costs around $10.

It offers more rewards for gaining experience through playing, such as cosmetics, as well as Radianite points, which are used to upgrade weapon skins.

Completing all 50 premium battle pass levels rewards 100 Radianite points in total. Its value is the equivalent of over 5,000 VALORANT points, which would be massive if simply converted.

If Riot rewarded VALORANT points instead of Radianite points, players would earn enough VALORANT points by completing the battle pass to buy the next one without spending any money.

It could be an effective way to reward the most hardcore players by giving around 1,000 points towards the highest levels of the pass.

On the other hand, it would also mean fewer VALORANT point purchase revenue for Riot, which can be used to buy the battle pass and weapon skins in the rotating store.

The other issue is that players who buy the battle pass can’t even use the Radianite points they are rewarded if they don’t buy the skins that can be upgraded.

The premium battle pass doesn’t reward skins that have levels, such as the Prime and Sovereign collections, which are the most expensive skins in the game.

It’s unclear, of course, if Riot will respond to the requests. But since it’s only the first battle pass of the game, it’s still experimental and might change in the next season.