Riot responds to VALORANT fans’ requests, will rollover daily missions between 4am and 8am local time

Riot is making some good, smaller changes.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is listening to its fans and changing how daily mission rollover works.

Instead of the daily mission reset timings that the game held previously, all missions will now complete their rollover between 4am and 8am local time. This means a majority of players won’t be online and playing the game while the new missions are being rotated in. This might also help some of the other bugs revolving around daily missions being reset or not showing up at all, which Riot has been working to fix. 

Overall, this change shouldn’t make a huge impact on too many players, but for everyone who was getting annoyed at the varied rollover times, this new schedule should fix those complaints. It won’t make any of the actual missions easier, but for a daily process, this is a good change. 

Dailies are important in getting players to try new things, distributing consistent XP, and helping progress Agent Contracts. Riot showing attention to small details like the reset rollover is a good sign for the future of the game and how progression elements will be handled moving forward. 

This doesn’t change anything for the weekly missions, which reset somewhere around 6:30am CT every Tuesday, but changes could be coming to that in the future too. But don’t expect to get any feedback on these changes on Twitter anytime soon, because the replies are full of players using #DefyTheLimits to get custom banners made for them.