Phoenix’s Run it Back is the most popular VALORANT ultimate in the US

But Jett's Bladestorm is used more across the world.

Image via Riot Games

“Joke’s over, you’re dead.”

Riot outlined the most popular VALORANT ultimates by region today, showing that Americans favor Phoenix’s Run it Back. Brazilian’s unsurprisingly use Raze’s Showstopper the most since she hails from Salvador. And every other region in the world prefers Jett’s Bladestorm.

Riot made some great changes to Phoenix when VALORANT officially launched in Patch 1.0 since the agent was underwhelming in the beta. Giving the duelist better healing and flashes, as well as letting him reload weapons when respawning from Run it Back, was pivotal to his success. And it appears U.S. players are taking full advantage of those changes.

Despite Raze undergoing a slew of nerfs since VALORANT‘s launch, Brazilians still represent their country by blasting rocket launchers.

And since Jett is the poster child of VALORANT, her popularity across the world is expected. Her prowess while wielding an Operator likely also contributes to her playing time, especially since wielding blades helps her in close-combat situations. Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Korea, and CIS each used Jett’s Bladestorm the most.