Opportunists upset Team Heretics in EU VCT Challengers

What an upset.

Image via Riot Games

Opportunists knocked off EU First Strike champions and EU VALORANT Masters runners-up Team Heretics today in the quarterfinals of EU VCT Stage Two Challengers One.

Opportunists, formerly known as Dfuse Team, are in the process of looking for an org to represent after outgrowing Dfuse Team. They didn’t have a bad showing at Masters but were knocked out in the Group B losers bracket finals by Guild Esports.

Opportunists fought their way through the open bracket of EU VCT Stage Two Challengers One and got their revenge on Guild in the quarterfinals seeding match, winning 2-0. That set the stage for their showdown against Heretics today.

Opportunists lost the first map in a somewhat crushing fashion, 13-8 on Split. But they came back to defeat Heretics on Haven 13-8 and then finished the job on Ascent 13-7. Opportunists are the first team to defeat Heretics on Haven in an official match.

Heretics are widely considered one of EU VALORANT’s best teams. They rarely lose, and when they do, it’s usually by a close margin. With Heretics and Acend, the two Masters One finalists, out of the running for this Challengers event, the field is suddenly wide open for anyone to claim the top spot.

Dylan “hoppY” Aube led the way in terms of fragging for Opportunists, posting a solid 48 kills over the course of the match. Notably, Opportunists held Heretics star Žygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas mostly in check, limiting him to 52 kills over three maps.

The road is still long for Opportunists, though. They’ll face the winner of the Team Vitality vs. FunPlus Phoenix match tomorrow, April 8.

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