NYFU to depart from VALORANT, according to former players

NYXL will no longer be in the running for a franchise spot.

Image via NYXL

NYXL is leaving VALORANT behind as more teams discover they were not chosen by Riot Games for a franchise position. 

NYXL, formerly known as ANDBOX, is the parent company of the New York Subliners from the Call of Duty League as well as the New York Excelsior, which is a part of the Overwatch League. Shortly before franchising was announced for VALORANT, NYXL rebranded to form NYFU, which had been competing throughout the open qualifiers and multiple open tournaments. 

NYSU had been competing in the MEL Premiership S3 earlier in July and was set to play Version1 during the second round of the group stage before disbanding out of nowhere. A couple of hours before the match was set to start, former NYFU player Chad “Oderus” Miller tweeted out that NYFU had disbanded and that he’ll be looking for a new team. 

“With NYFU leaving VALORANT means I’ll be LFT,” Oderus said. “I have experience on every role but prefer IGL/Sentinel. Thank you to NYXL for being an incredible organization and hope nothing but the best for them.”

While Oderus and his teammates have made the announcement that they are in search of a new home, no official announcement has been made on the side of NYXL at time of writing. The last time fans heard officially from NYXL about VALORANT was when it announced that it would be applying for a franchise spot in North America. Since then, several other teams have pulled out due to being declined a position next year.