New VALORANT leak shows off Agent 14’s abilities and more

His name could be Yoru, and he looks wild.

Image via Riot Games

Leaks have slowly dropped as new content is added in VALORANT for the upcoming Episode Two update, including new skins, battle pass details, and a new agent.

The latest leak today showed off a new agent named Yoru—though he is labeled as Agent 14 and codenamed Stealth in the game’s code. He will have multiple ways to throw off enemies with both visual and sound cues, according to the leaked information. 

According to the leak, his Z ability will create footstep sounds, which the player can then send ahead by throwing the ability forward. These can be toggled using various methods and even activate teleporters and other intractable objects on maps. 

His X ability will be a different variation on Phoenix’s Flash, which can be thrown and will activate after it makes contact with a surface. He can also place portals down with his C ability, throwing them with the fire button or anchoring them with alt-fire before hitting the ability again to use the teleport, though none of this has been confirmed. 

In the leaked footage, it appears that Yoru can even send his portal through a teleporter on the map and then teleport to his beacon once it’s on the other side. 

His ultimate will turn Yoru completely invisible for enemies by ripping open some kind of void and donning a mask from inside. This will also reportedly make him invulnerable to opponents, but it looks like they might still be able to hear him moving. 

While none of this information has been confirmed by Riot Games, a recent tease for 2021 content on the State of Agents blog said that the year “will tear open with a Duelist for all you ‘lurkers’ out there,” which lines up perfectly with Yoru’s leaked abilities. 

VALORANT’s next big update drops on Jan. 12, though the new agent will likely be revealed ahead of that, especially if these leaks are accurate.