New VALORANT Glitchpop skins teased for Vandal, Phantom, Op, Classic, and melee ax

"Glitchpop is back, but this time with good guns."

Image via Riot Games

While many VALORANT fans might enjoy the Glitchpop skins, some of the tac shooter’s popular weapons are missing from the bundle. That’s about to change, however.

Riot gave a first look at a new Glitchpop Collection today in an interview with HITSCAN, which will include the Vandal, Phantom, Operator, Classic pistol, and a melee ax weapon.

The initial Glitchpop skins were for the Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Odin, and a melee knife. While they were well-designed, exciting, and creative, players rarely opt for a Bulldog over its more expensive and powerful counterparts.

The “Glitchpop 1.1” skins maintain their predecessors’ futuristic hues of bright blues, pinks, and golds. Riot wants players to feel like they’re “all a part of the same set,” also keeping similar themes among the variants. And the ax’s blade will change colors every time you whip it out, similar to the first bundle’s knife.

“If you’re a collector, you would hope that everything looks uniform,” producer of skins Preeti Khanolkar said. “So we very intentionally followed the same design.”

It seems like the bundle will be in the Exclusive Edition skin tier, meaning its price varies. But it appears the collection will run players 8,700 VP, or 2,175 per gun and 4,350 VP for the melee weapon.

The Glitchpop skins will hit the store on Feb. 3, one day after the next VALORANT patch.

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