New VALORANT bug makes hovering weapon UI appear to deflect bullets

It doesn't reduce damage, though.

Image via Riot Games

More bugs and glitches are popping up for Riot Games to fix in the second week of VALORANT’s closed beta. One troublesome bug makes it seem like the hovering weapon name UI can stop bullets.

When a gun is dropped, there’s a small UI that hovers over the weapon that tells a player which button to press to pick it up. But if you shoot at this small, semi-opaque UI box, bullets appear to ricochet off of it.

To the player shooting through the UI, it looks like the bullets aren’t even leaving bullet holes on penetrable surfaces. Bullet travel isn’t seen either. If things were as they seem, this glitch could be easily replicated and abused on various angles where walls can be spammed to deal damage to the enemy team.

Another player tested the glitch, though, and found out that it didn’t reduce damage in any sort of way. This means that the bug is purely visual and the bullets still travel to hit targets.

Other players are saying that the bug is client-side only, which means that the blocked effect on the UI is only visible to that player and not the rest of the server. This should make it a lot easier to fix for Riot and the issue could be rectified in a mini-patch.

Riot should patch this bug out soon, though, no matter how harmless it might seem for the game.