Neon can reach higher areas in VALORANT with sprint ability

The more you know.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have figured out that Neon can reach elevated areas that can typically only be accessed by a few other agents. 

There are several spots in VALORANT that only a few agents can reach with specific abilities. Jett can reach most areas with her passive or Updraft ability, while Raze can reach them with her Blastpack. Other agents like Chamber and Omen can teleport to these spots, but most other characters are stuck on the ground. 

VALORANT player lowkeycule figured out that Neon can reach several of these spots with her sprint ability, making her even deadlier. Players must time their sprint and jump correctly to get to the elevated areas, but this can be mastered by practicing in a private match. 

Lowkeycule uploaded a short clip showing Neon reaching notable locations on Bind, Icebox, and Haven. Some spots can be reached by all agents, although the jumps are tough to master and can be challenging to pull off in a real game. But remember that Neon can make these jumps in a pinch, which can help you surprise unsuspecting enemies. 

Neon is designed to consistently be in gunfights and hiding in a corner might waste some of her effectiveness. Use these spots sparingly to avoid becoming a detriment to your team.