Myth: “If you’re solo queuing in [VALORANT], you’re sabotaging your own rank”

Myth isn't a fan of VALORANT's ranked experience so far.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT has become one of the most popular titles for first-person shooter fans since its closed beta release at the start of April. But there are still some people who aren’t completely sold on the game, including popular TSM streamer Myth.

At the beginning of his stream yesterday, Myth said he wanted to play VALORANT‘s ranked mode—but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to play the mode alone. He explained that in ranked play, it doesn’t make sense that solo and duo players are able to match up against groups of five since a well-coordinated team will most likely perform better than five individuals.

Full five-man stacks are usually made up of friends who have been playing the game together for a while, which means their communication is miles better than a group of solo queue players who might not even communicate during the match. In a game like VALORANT, teamwork and timing is key—and a five-man stack will almost always have the advantage in this regard.

Instead, Myth believes that there should be separate queues: a solo or duo queue for players who are playing by themselves or with a friend, and another queue for groups of five. This idea was also brought up by fellow Twitch streamer and former CS:GO pro Hiko.

This system has been implemented in Riot Games’ other uber-popular title, League of Legends. Solos and duos are placed in the solo/duo queue, where groups with three to five players have their own dynamic “flex” queue. Each player also gets a separate rank for the two queues, so people who only play with their friends get a flex queue rank and not a solo rank.

There’s no denying that have a five-man stack of friends will always be more beneficial than solo or duo queuing. But Riot is still looking to adjust the game based on the needs of the public and listening to feedback on how to improve the ranked experience for its player base moving forward.