MOUZ reportedly considering entering the competitive VALORANT scene

Another organization might be coming to VALORANT.

Image via MOUZ

Just a few days after mousesports rebranded to MOUZ, the organization’s chief business development officer has reportedly revealed that the organization is potentially looking to join the professional VALORANT scene in the future. 

MOUZ’s chief business development officer Jan Dominicus said the org is considering entering the VALORANT scene if the right opportunity arises, according to a report by Dexerto

“We are monitoring VALORANT and its community,” Dominicus told Dexerto. “We think it’s very interesting and that it has a long of things going for it. For example, a publisher that has proven to be successful in building esports games and the ecosystem around them, which already makes it interesting. It also has a very active community and is a pretty good fit for MOUZ in the sense that we’ve always been focused on FPS games and have a long history in them.”

Dominicus also said the org has had multiple opportunities to acquire a VALORANT team but is focused on finding the right team that fits its philosophy. MOUZ wants a long-term team that can improve over time, similar to other players on its other professional teams.

Last week, mousesports rebranded to MOUZ, replacing the classic logo and design players have known since 2002. The rebranding video gave fans their first look at the new logo, but many noticed a small detail that hinted at the organization’s future in VALORANT

During the video, a desktop home screen is shown with several notable icons like League of Legends and Counter-Strike. But eagle-eyed fans also noticed the VALORANT logo, leading many to wonder if MOUZ is expanding into the tactical FPS. 

It’s unclear if or when MOUZ will create a VALROANT team, but knowing another popular organization is eyeing the growing scene is good news for fans. 

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