Mousesports rebrands to MOUZ, unveils new logo

The organization decided to change its identity after almost 20 years.

Image via MOUZ

The old mousesports that we knew is now gone. The German esports organization is now called MOUZ and has a new logo, moving away from the classic, iconic symbol that was around since the org was created in 2002.

The reason for changing the logo is because fans were unable to define it, even though it was famous in the world of esports, according to MOUZ’s official announcement. The old logo mimicked the head of a mouse, while also standing for the palm of a player touching a mouse. The new identity, on the other hand, is much more simple and you can clearly see it refers to the head of a mouse.

“Our new badge logo will be the core part of our new identity,” MOUZ said. “A powerful logo that unfolds its potential when you see it in a lot of different occasions: from content to merchandise, throughout every digital display all up to the screens of the biggest arenas. With our new logo comes a whole new visual identity for MOUZ.”

Even though it has a new logo, MOUZ is sticking to its roots and keeping it red, the color that’s represented the brand since 2002. The organization will soon release a new line of merchandise for fans featuring the new identity.

MOUZ will be rocking this new style soon since its CS:GO squad has secured a spot at the PGL Stockholm Major. The first Valve-sponsored CS:GO event in over two years will run from Oct. 26 to Nov. 7.