MJAOMODE’s Taimou on Team Heretics: “They’re the best team in EU right now”

The Cypher main discussed tomorrow's matches and the team's short history with reporter Yinsu Collins.

Image via Riot Games

In MJAOMODE’s short VALORANT career, they managed to beat Guild Esports in an overtime thriller during the First Strike: Europe Qualifier A on Nov. 9. But Timo “Taimou” Kettunen thinks their biggest threat is Team Heretics.

The Cypher main discussed his upcoming matches with reporter Yinsu Collins for Dot Esports today, explaining that MJAOMODE believes they’ll be matched up against Heretics after beating Wave Esports tomorrow.

“I think the Wave game should be easy,” Taimou said. “The game after it is going to be Heretics, almost 100 percent, because I think… they’re the best team in EU right now. They have a very distinct style, how they play, and they have really good individuals.”

The former Overwatch pro praised Heretics for their reactive style and “really good aim.” Taimou believes they’re MJAOMODE’s kryptonite, especially since they “barely get any rounds on them” during scrims. But the pro ultimately feels a match against Heretics will be a coin flip on the main stage.

Screengrab via VLR.gg

For Taimou and his team to face off against Heretics, however, two things need to happen in tomorrow’s First Strike Qualifier C matches: MJAOMODE must beat Wave and Heretics must beat Marten Gaming. Assuming both teams advance to the round of 32, then their match will determine who moves on to the playoffs and, potentially, the final event in December.

Despite the team starting up three or four weeks ago, MJAOMODE already have a big name under their belt with Guild. Taimou said his team “don’t really have a style” yet but are “just having a good time.” When they get a bit more experience together, however, MJAOMODE may start incorporating some strats into their gameplan.