Menace benched from Noble’s VALORANT roster

The duelist is allowed to explore his options.

Image via Noble

It appears that Noble is shaking up its VALORANT roster.

Duelist Jadin “Menace” Wagner announced today that he’s been benched, explaining that he’s “allowed to entertain offers from any interested teams.” While the 17-year-old is still under contract with the organization, he’ll be looking to explore his options.

Noble picked up the entire Phoenix1 squad in February, re-entering the VALORANT scene after disbanding its old roster in October. The team has competed in multiple events since then, including an impressive showing at the VCT Challengers circuit. They took out a few big teams along the way, such as Luminosity and Evil Geniuses. But they met an early exit in the Challengers Two Open Qualifier quarterfinals, where they got swept by powerhouse Sentinels.

In that series, Menace recorded a mediocre 20 frags on Raze. The duelist had a spectacular server-high 47 kills in Noble’s round-of-16 match against On The Way. After failing to qualify for the Challengers Two main event, however, it seems like the organization wants to make changes.

Even though Noble won’t be a participant, the VCT Challengers Two main event continues this Thursday, April 22. Cloud9 Blue, T1, Andbox, Sentinels, Immortals, TSM, Built By Gamers, and NRG Esports will compete to earn a spot at Challengers Finals.

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