Mang0’s teammate screams after 4 enemies boost over a Sage wall in VALORANT

Always expect the unexpected.

Mang0 is a talented VALORANT player who’s made headlines before. But this time, his teammate is the one in the spotlight.

During a recent stream, Mang0’s teammate encountered four enemies jumping over a Sage wall in unison and screamed after realizing there was no hope of survival. 

Mang0 was playing VALORANT when he was eliminated early in a round and was forced to spectate his teammate. His teammate was watching the mid connector to B site on Ascent and used Sage’s wall to prevent a push. The enemy Sage player had a wall of their own, however, and wasn't afraid to use it. 

The enemy Sage used their wall to boost their entire team over the existing wall, which overwhelmed Mang0’s teammate. They had no chance of eliminating all four enemies and let out a hilarious scream as they were killed. 

Sage’s wall is a useful ability that can block enemy advancements or provide cover for attacking teams. Players also use the wall to boost into other areas or to see over obstacles. The wall was even once used to help Omen players glitch into walls and gain an unfair advantage on the enemy team. 

Sage’s ability can also be used to boost players over another wall, as seen in this clip, which can overwhelm a single enemy player. Most defenders believe they're safe behind the wall, but it's good practice to expect an enemy to boost over at any time.